Google vs Stumble Upon

23 09 2007

I am a regular stumbler. That my favorite way to waste ma time on the net. searching for new sites exploring it..

Few days back my friends asked me for a list of proxy sites to use in his office. as most sites were blocked in his office. As usual started the googling. I used the keyword “Proxy” and started my search , this gave me just 2 link for proxy in the first page, rest were sm details linking to wikipedia about what is proxy. when my friend tried these proxies all were blocked in his ofice. So i started changing the keyword to all possible combination i could think of and search , No hits 😦 . Google would throw up some definition or some details regarding the keyword i used else the link i obtain from google will be blocked. Then i knew that all popular proxy sites are blocked in my friends office. and google searches the pages based on popularity.

So i moved to Stumble Upon now.Gave the Search Keyword as “Proxy” and started stumbling..
amazing all the site tat opened were a proxy site, no refrence to site stating the meaning of proxy . So started making a list of sites and gave it to my friend to check on it. Got a 30% success . 30% of the site were wrking in his ofice compared to 0% from googling.

Now stopped using google for searching. Stumbling provides me with better results, coz its humans who is building this search database. its far more accurate than Bots…




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