Sites against firefox

15 10 2007

Here are a list of sites that , do not work well in browsers other than IE, or simply denies access and ask for IE to work properly. These sites specifically specifically find if ur browser is IE, else provides a error stating tat the browser is not supported. This only means tat the companies are degrading themselves and losing the publicity but just supporting jus one browser. Some site do not get aligned well with firefox. Most of this sites even provide a link to download IE stating its free of cost. asks IE 5.0 or higher and windows to work. this site needs IE 5.01 and higher and also java script , encryption and cookies . My browser not supported ……. does not display error message , but the alignment is all messesd up . provides u with access to download IE also 😛 Again no wrking.. Use IE or safari ha here comes MS The Microsoft® Platform SDK site requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later This on checking takes u to oldbrowser.asp and asks you for IE 5 . lol VB scripts error occurs Another site from the stone age Wants IE 4 or higher well. hmmm

We have determined that you are using an unsupported browser.

China Construction Bank (Asia)’s Online Banking supports the following browsers:


  • Netscape Communicator 6.x
  • –>Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above they only seem to wrk on IE on win 95 and higher. y was win 3.x left out??? Supports only IE and netscape Asking me to upgrade ma browser and wants IE 5 or 6 another IE and netscape lover Requires active X wats IE 5.2 …. IE is required to view this page. did they forgot to mention Internet connection … where is the webpage??? another stone age. wants IE 4 to wrk well wants IE and Microsoft windows to properly…

    Sites are starting to be fixed , so tat its compatible with all browsers , other than IE 4 :P.

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