W960i its cool a mini review

16 02 2008

Got a W960 atlast, after my k750 bcame unrepairable.  The packing is nice. with a disc shape embedded in the box top

The box

The pack contains 3 boxes packed neatly inside. one contains the phone itself. other the documents and the CDs, the last 1 all the accessories

The pack opened

The boxes opened

used the phone to take these pics. so its missing over thr 😀

actually the phone is very slim compared to k750. but a bit heavier.

The beauty

The first thing tat i noticed about the phone is tat it lacked the 5 way navigation scroll of the p900. The scroll has been minimised to 3 way navigation. not sure y SE made this change. I also miss the navigation key on the front panel , hav to use the side scroll or the  stylus, which makes it little hard be a single handed use phone.the front of the phone is glossy while the back of the phone is opposite with a little rough texture , so tat it does not slip while holding .

The accessories Package includes

  • inear earphone
  • extra stylus
  • charger
  • extra earbuds
  • a pouch
  • data cable

the earphones are good. nice sound reproduction, charge has slot to attach earphones. so  it cud be used even while charging. good move by SE. this was a major disadvantage of SE phones till now. The pouch provided with the phone is a velvet pouch. perfect fit for the phone. but cant be carried in pocket with the pouch on.

The front panel easily gets fingerprints. have to keep cleaning it . no cloth is provided by SE for this job. 😀

There are two menu in w960. one is the main menu. with the standard 9 options screen. other is the menu called “expand” which contains 15 options which can also be customized to  user requirment.

Key pad requires little practices to type. as its easy to mistype.

Saving photos are quite faster than k750.  also the quality of photos are also much better

The walkman interface has been totally revamped. nice layout , good use of the scroll  key. good sound out put . and interface is also good

The data transfer is also fast. din get time to chk the exact time for the data transfer. but it sure is fast . w960 support 2 modes to connect to computer. one is the normal mode. which allows to use all the options of the PC suite. other is the fast transfer mode, which limits the  options of pcsuite to 3.  but the fast file transfer mode brings the removable disc icon in my computer. easy to transfer data.

The media mangaer can be used to transfer music to phone. it transfers 520 mb of music files in less than 15 mins

w960 battery last for more than 24 hrs on heavy  mp3 and camera usage.. normal usage it will last for min of 3 days , no problem

more smiley has been added to the sms section. Handwriting recognition is not tat good. one must have loads of patience to write on this phone. better to opt for the on screen keyboard r the keypad .

will update more soon..




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