The 24 paise Bill

5 10 2008

Had  a ISP service for 1 year . Then as i got a better offer decided to disconnect the service last year , Even after confirmation from then saying my connection has been disconnected , Net Bills din stop coming…

After lots of arguments with customer care for many months it was finally decided tat i should pay then the final amount of 800.24rs and then no more bill would come from then after tat.

with tat bill in hand went to the billing center , they billing guy rounded the bill to 800 and the bill was settled.

Then started the 24ps problem. Started getting bill for 24ps. Din want to go till Billing center to ask why this bill nor to pay.. so ignored it ..  but this continued for another 6 months, though no fine was made for non payment of the bill..  all 6 months it was the same 24ps bill..

Seem lik the ISP billing server was very sincere in keeping track of the records.. decided to make a visit to the billing center..  Had a funny time thr asking thm to make a bill for 24ps..  atlast made a payment and finished with this problem atlast..




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