W960i A Bug Box

7 10 2008

After a post praising my phone for its sleek look. Now its time to find the true nature of its working.  I am always obessed with latest gadgets in the market. When this phone had been put up in the site ,  starting thiking of plans to kill ma K750 :P.

Main reason i opted for this phone was its sony, as sony always had better battery life and better stability. next is the 8GB memory , would save me a mp3 player(atleast tat how i convince ma dad). Next would be the other bunch of features starting from 3G , wifi , touchscreen etc..

Enjoyed this phone for first few weeks. when the problem started to crop up. Phone seem realy unstable and few application crashed , also phone was very slow when multiple applications were running in the background. This usually happens for me in the new phone. and ignored it expecting these to get solved on a firmware upgrade.

Then finished with a firmware upgrade , the phone was faster than before. not much lag even when multiple applications here opened, also this firmware boasts of new 3D game. which seem to be a compromise for all the bugs in the OS. Expected the bugs to disappear, but this upgrade jus included new game. other bugs remained the same. many applications crashes. Even the resident application Storage Wizard crashes every time . A baisc test of the phone would have shown this bug, not sure why this bugs have not been fixed till now.

Then the Second firmware upgrade, Expected a phone tat much more freindly to use , the Storage Wizard problem still continue to the second firmware upgrade. seem tats a part of phone customisation. Now the touch screen is all messed up, touch a icon to activate its neighbouring icon and there is no way u could do those operation by keys. Only can dream on wat the next firmware upgrade is gonna have.

This phone is a not worth  its cost  on its  features and bugs.




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