Recycling e-Wastes

4 11 2008

Nowadays , with the booming IT sector and the reducing hardware prices, electronics become a integral part of life, and it gets constantly replaced with new electronics which are more capable of making us lazier. In such cases the old electronics end up trash mostly, few people how to properly trash it , As these components contains stuff from recyclable parts to dangerous chemicals.

In India MGA & Associates have been doing the job of recycling the electronics. This is not know to many, as if its not on TV it does not exists , is the situation here. Now TechShop has taken the initiative e-Cycle to excourage the people to recycle ewaste rather than trash it. They pay you in gift coupon of 125 for the ewaste.

The only drawback is there are only 10 locations in india that accept the ewaste for TechShop.. Hope this number grows in the future




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