Quantum of Solace: Less bond more action

10 11 2008


Being a follower of the James Bond series , I was excited on this latest addition to the series.

The movie started with a car chase and loud music, with no idea as to wat the car chase is for. Few mins after the car chase comes the next action sequence this time the chase was on foot over buildings. Wow two action sequence back to back, this movie must worth watching. But where is the story line???  may be there is still time to tell us about the story line. And then comes another chase sequence , this time on water with speed boats, This movie get intresting every scene.. Jus couldnt wait to know wat the story line is.

WTH its intermission :O..   half the movie has completed with no story and 3 action sequence completed. wat is in pack for second half.But even after all this  action sequences there was no gadgets to be used till now i was eagerly waiting for a gadget car and his watch to pop out into something . Sadly the only gadget in the whole movie is his phone , used as GPS tracker. 😦

The second half move tries to make a thin story line work for this movie. With few sentiments and as the rule of bond movie follows ends with and action. And walking out of the hall, i tried to make out the story of the movie. All i could summarise were this movie contains 4 action sequence , 2 sentiment sequence , 1 title song , 0 story.

A good example of what will be the outcome of good action and no story.




One response

12 11 2008

Aha, looks like bond is no longer charming! Waiting to watch the movie though

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