The cup half empty or cup half full

3 11 2009

Well. Its a long time since i posted . And so  nears the end of my first semester and yet to figure out what i am to do for exams. With days flying by the first question in our minds is on  how to study. Well atleast ive found a answer for how not to study ? that would be an easy question to answer if you were to follows some chinese here. They practically sleep less than 5 hrs per week when they are busy working. Damn im not able to spend a continuos 5 hr period working. Found  the best solution for competing with them. Black coffee keeps you up and running for hours :D.  As the days passes by you get mountain loads of assignments to work on. So was ours. Literally had 5 or 6 assignments anytime to be finished.

Although most of the assignments were just individual head breakers. There where few which are team projects which provided with much fun and interaction. One of such is the Games design. Teams were created each with upto 8 members, My team was also created with 6 members, and came to know 4 of the six members have already joined some other group leaving 2 of us in that team . After some shuffling around was into the team PlusOrange. Which is the direct english translation of out Team Lead(Jia), Who gets a special mention here as i has seen him only on  the first day of the meet and after which he literally disappeared . No word of him yt, Hope he is fine. So after providign us with a good team name , the team with no lead starts to enjoy. Game stories got tossed around , Game design was having the same fate as game story. After finding out that out ambitous game story would not work out on time, We executed the plan B. Design the game and then make a story  on it :D.After many sleepless night and brainstorming days, which ended with most of us loaded with more caffeine than food,  it did work out pretty well and came out with some working game before the deadline. Made our game so simple that our professor had noting to comment on our game except for the game sounds :D, and still managed to get a A on it. A good consolation for the caffeine addicted system.Sadly im yet to play our game :|.  And yes the game sounds do feel familiar :P.

Even before one could celebrate on this success comes the next assignments deadline. After hearing motivational words like  “Do whatever u like and submit”  from the professor, was in no mood to rush on that project. Once we came to know the professor expectation which was sky high to what we were planning to do, came the next schedule to load ourself with caffeine and accompany the owls ;). This being a topic less assignment , every member of the team comes up with a new and better idea each day of the week. Thus making it interesting to choose a good topic every day. and not doing any real assignment work any day :D. So once it was realised that this topic choosing is not gonna help any more. A topic has been finalized atlast. Hope we get make a better presentation than the games design stuff.

The Team PlusOrange @ wrk




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13 12 2009

I am often searching for new blogposts in the internet about this matter. Thx.

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