Avatar:Fairy Tale the James Cameroon way

18 12 2009

Avatar Poster

With the hyper surrounding this movie, and the trailers found in almost every site i visit, This movie was on the top of my must watch list. The graphics on the trailers were great still wanted to find out the story covered with this graphics. For a James Cameroon movie it was weird to find the first day first show not filling up. And spending a fortune for the ticket into the dark-box we went. Still miss the ads that are put up before the movie in india :D.  After few minutes of staring at the blank screen and few more trailers calling us back to spend more fortune on the movies , the movie starts.

One word for the movie “BIG”.  Its a fairy tale blown up to the directors proportion. The world of pandora is every kid’s bedtime story on larger scale. The movie starts off with Jake(Sam Worthinton) Waking up on a massive spaceship traveling at light speed for 5 years to reach pandora. He replacing his twin brothers position as the avatar “driver”. And thus the story starts getting massive. The avatar which are the 10ft tall aliens living in the world of pandora. Once he becomes the driver and moves into the forest the , as u would expect massive trees , creatures copied from resident evil . How to make a existing creature different , more evil , alien??  its simple just add few more body parts to it. Thats exactly what the director has done here. all creates are provided with extra pair of legs 😀 to prove that they are aliens and not copied from earthly cousins , When it comes to aliens in hollywood there are 2 types one type highly advanced with weapons of pocket size to destroy the world, the other kind are the aliens with bow and arrows riding horses and dragons. Sadly there are not other kinds of aliens in this universe. With so little choice of aliens to choose from Director goes for the second kind of aliens, as they are supposed to he fighting back and not destroying the humans in just one small matchbox sized bomb. Great care has been taken in making the dragons and the horses also look alien, they are provided with extra pair of legs , their noses changed position and there we have a aliens!. So now the aliens are in place. Now for the spark to start the war. This concept is little old and very old for a movies of James Cameroon name to it, Seeking a rare metal that is available only under the place where the aliens stay. A Sci-fi movies with the aliens on bows and arrows, how to make the aliens have the fighting chance ,bring in the magic , Aliens have “something” that makes flights hard to fly there. Guns , cannons and missiles against bows and arrows , Guess the winner. Yes its the Bows and Arrows, as they are helped by the “magic” .

Being a Animation guy myself, i see the  hard-work has gone into making the pandora look real. All the creatures and the aliens are finely tunes for realism, Even the skin textures , Response between a CG and reality are done with great care, Hats off to them. This movie has got the director name written all over it. Its a full 3 hr movie, death of a important character at the end. And the movie ends. Overall its a good entertainer , has all the characters of a James Cameroon movie, great graphics. Now back to room and time to sit on the project work i skipped to watch movie.




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