Funny and Creative Programmers comments

22 01 2010

Programming is always a stressed work. But it still is fun and creative. Here are some of the programmers comments collected during stumbling. Starting with my favourite 😀


// Dear maintainer:


// Once you are done trying to ‘optimize’ this routine,

// and have realized what a terrible mistake that was,

// please increment the following counter as a warning

// to the next guy:


// total_hours_wasted_here = 16



#define TRUE FALSE

//Happy debugging suckers


//You are not expected to understand the following


//If you can’t do pointer math in your sleep, while

//driving a car backwards on the freeway,

//you shouldn’t change this routine.


//Yes, this is stupid. no it wasn’t planned. Drunken

//Lemurs change the spec every day. Check your mail.

//US Postal mail, not email. They’re not that advanced.


//Don’t touch it or ninja will punish you


//Dear future me. Please forgive me.

//I can’t even begin to express how sorry I am.


// I don’t know why I need this, but it stops the people being upside-down

x = -x;


return 1; // returns 1


Exception up = new Exception(“Something is really wrong.”);

throw up; //ha ha


//When I wrote this, only God and I understood what I was doing

//Now, God only knows


// I dedicate all this code, all my work, to my wife, Darlene, who will

// have to support me and our three children and the dog once it gets

// released into the public.


// sometimes I believe compiler ignores all my comments


Proves not to screw with programmers :D.





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