First try on Animation Short Film

4 04 2010

Its been a very long time since i had posted something interesting. Had my head filled with assignments and dissertation work. Loads of fun and sleepless days atlast shows some signs of progress on the assignments. Even though its different story when it comes to the dissertation part.

This animation was done as a part of the assignment for our animation course. Unlike other assignments which also come with a strict set of laws to follow and to finish the paper. This one actually had no rules. The only rules was to submit a short  animation movie . No topics to follow , No team sizes , No rules , Its all left to imagination  to run wild.

So with nothing to set a deadline or a rule to follow , it was kind of easy to know we implement any idea we need into the project. Also along comes the bad part, too many ideas always have too many confusions. So did we have a fair share of that too. 😀

The confusion starts with the team, on how to form it and who all be in it. after some brain storming team was finalized to be a team of three. Myself , Vivian and Dinesh. Two studious with a me , the stupid. Wah now tats a advantage to exploit. The platform chosen for this was Maya, one reason was the familiarity with the environment as it had been already used for few assignments. Other was the fact it was available free for few months for students.  Now comes the story part. The actual part. The actual brain storming was done to find something that would have a good end and short enough. The dream was perfect to implement, and made it a nightmare to add some spice.

Rather than making boring animation of just maya, tried our hands to mix 4 different animation styles into one. Starting with AfterEffects to Maya to Long exposure Art and ending up with a 2D  animation. The output was better than we had expected. The rendering took the most part of the animation , with my lappy busting its Hard disk by the end of the animation.

With all the hard work , this was the final output. Comments are welcome.

Video Details:

Duration:    1 m 53s

Resolution: 720 HD




4 responses

25 05 2010

Nice work! Although the video was short, it was a good first effort. Liked the background textures in the credits section, and the transitions as well. Congrats 🙂

P.S: Next time you do something like this, let me know you idiot!

25 05 2010

Thnx 🙂 .It was supposed to be a 20 sec film. it got extended to almost 2 mins.

7 02 2011

when is the next animation up?

8 02 2011

Coming Soon :D..
All busy…..

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