Bk after a long break

5 07 2010

Well its been a very long time since the last post. Been more than a month since the last visit to my blog. The project work needed more attention so as to be able to finish it within the given time. Since its under review now, got a little break now to post . The last couple of month had been the time trying to make the project work and make the project presentable. Other than that, it was the time for more testing on my DSLR for few more experiments.

Decided to go on a photowalk into our NTU campus to have some memories printed and saved to proved we did study in NTU after all :D.  The plan was to have  a good walk all over NTU and chk out on the pics and have some proof also taken in the same time. Even though we picked afternoon time for the photography, the rainclouds provided with good lighting and atmosphere for the photography. The pics had come out better than expected.




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