Ideas @ nit

5 07 2010

Ever been in the place when you get some ideas at the sleepy night and you are in no mood to carry on with the thought . So you decide to make a note of that and then carry on with that thought the very next day. But when the morning arrives you are totally lost with the notes made the last night. The notes made the last night seem totally strange and makes absolutely no meaning, and are also funny when they makes no meaning.  Well i’m also part of those group, Been having a loads of such notes still trying to make meaning of those , here are a few of those

  • Part time genius, Full time stupid
  • A cook is one who cooks, One who cooks is a cook.
  • Facts are facts, only to fake.
  • Fishing never works well with bait.
  • Fire on fire, Rain get wet.
  • A plane comes down to bomb. All old people middle of nowhere. Its an experiment. A glum story writer from a garage writes this story. Gives us with some reason for continuity.
  • The end is the begin to the end.
  • Dont go where there is path. Go where there is no path and leave a trail.
  • Past fight with the present to damage the future.
  • I dont have amnesia , I just forget stuff.
  • Truth restructured until truth is hidden.
  • The path of life with no thorns. Then you are in the wrong path.
  • If diamond cuts diamond , then wat cut the first diamond.
  • When others are the rain, ill be the sand.
  • Sooner or later it happens.
  • There are never enough hours in a day . But always too many days before saturday.
  • Bend they rules or break the rules foremu matter for those when dont read the rules.

😀 . No idea on what these are supposed to mean. Still its fun to read this the next day when it makes no sense .




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