Ipod Touch – not touchy afterwards

15 02 2011

Its been quite a long time since i had purchased a gadget. So decided its time to burn my pocket on it again. With no idea on what category of gadget to go for and which one to buy, its was research time. After a considerable time spend on that, the final decision came to MP3 players. So now for the next round of research on which MP3 to go for. Should it be just a player with has no other options than playing songs stored in it, or should it be something that i can experiment and crash :P.

So the decision was taken to go for ipod touch. Its one player which is cheap for its features and also has the option to do few experiments on. With its current generation supporting for camera and video, its a pretty good choice for a regular use. So goes another 300$ to Apple.

This being my second ipod touch, after my nephew was successful crashing my 1st gen iPod Touch. I would say this has considerable improvements compared to the previous touch both in terms of hardware and software. Its faster, its has a richer display, its slimmer and also the camera. When it comes to the OS its got the most awaited multi-tasking option, Atlas Apple starting to include customer feedbacks to the phone. Although widgets would have been useful, i don’t seem to miss that much in the phone. The other things that made me choose ipod was the good collection of apps. Even though most of the apps are useless to me, its a good time-kill to check out new apps when bored :D.

Still Apple keeps up to its stand of not supporting Flash and Silverlight. Apple webpage boasts about ipod touch having HD video recording capability. The lowest video resolution to qualify as HD is 1280×720. Some how Apple hopes to stick to jus one of the number and still think it is HD video. The video resolution supported by ipod is something like 960×720, No way its a HD video. With video recording feature, next comes the Photos, touch has one of the worst camera resolution for a still camera. Even the still camera resolution is the same as video at 960×720. This makes the camera resolution of touch at something around 0.7Mp. Makes me wonder how the products are still selling as hotcakes.

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