iPad 2 :Makes it up for its cons

16 07 2011

So purchased a iPad 2 last week, and had been playing around with it. Since my main requirements was taking notes and making models. Did a quick search and came out with Bamboo app for note-taking. I find Bamboo a normal note taking tools with better UI, doesn’t seem to have anything to make note-taking better.

But few apps were just amazing to play with,



This is all in one app for news, brings all the news you would need to read into one single app and also makes it easy to read format using flip screen. Easy to customise too.

National Geographic


This is another well laid out App. Amazing image resolution, and easy to ready, but its not a free apps costs 5$ for each magazine.

Readers Digest

This is one app which is fun to read. But might get lost with the navigation in the start. Needs some practice just to make sure you can get back home every time.


With iPad packing loads of GPU power, it would be a shame not to put it to its use.



NFSInfinity Blade

I was eager to try out this game, as the graphics are said to be stunning, and yes they were amazing. But the game was too repetitive. It’s more of same level again and again. Starts to feel bored after few bloodlines.









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