Henderson Wave

6 07 2011

After roaming tourists spots in Singapore, started searching for good photographic spots in Singapore.  First on my list was Henderson Wave. Titled as highest bridge in Singapore, i was eager to check out. And the day i had picked for this photo walk ended up being a hot sunny day. Henderson Wave is a bridge connecting Souther Ridge in Harbour Front. Its a pretty short bridge of just 0.3 kms. But the view from bridge is good.


Another try on Light Art

6 07 2011

Its been a very long time since the last post. Been a busy day with my work. Had very little time to kill. So after long time got a break to take out my camera from in rest and put to use. Always wanted to try out the Light art. Cam across a page where the author was able to create amazing art work by just hanging the light and making in swing.

The concept seem simple and interesting enough to give a try. After setting up a dark room, hanging up the light, and hooking up camera to my comp all was set. The first results were disappointing. I was not able to get the design as seen on the webpage. Althought there was few streaks of light. There was nothing notable to be said as a design in the photos. After few tries, one stand design started to evolve. its spiral. no other design was coming out of the hanging light. Need to find some other method to make the light swing in a particular direction.

Try on TimeLapse

30 03 2011

With the new canon haveing the option for remote operation by hooking to a computer, it was time to test some remote snaping. Tried out timelapse  video, accidently put the camera on autofocus instead of manula focus. This give a wobbly images as the camera focus for each shot .

Bye Bye A380. Hello 60D

16 03 2011

Well, Its been quite some time since i used my DSLR. My previous DSLR was not with me anymore, which in turn made my fingers itchy for a new 1. A new camera always = burnt pocket  . With that in mind, was waiting for the right time to get a camera. Had been trying to figure out a good camera to buy. After working on an entry level DSLR for quite some time, it’s time to move on to the next level. So semi-pro it is.

I’ve always liked Sony products. The build is good and has an ease of use on all the products that come out. Ofcourse they are a bit more pricey compared to the competitors. Ah come on.. thats called build quality not pricey. Ok!! so time to pick a cam. Wat!!!!! Sony has stopped production of its entire semi-pro line.  . So sad, was eager to get my hands on the A500 series of cam. Sony loses another customer…

Here comes, Canon and Nikon  .. Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000. Arrrgh this is a hard choice to make, Each is best of its own class. Come on ppl why is it always that there is not one camera with all the features. You make us spend more money on more cameras  .

Nikon with better viewfinder coverage, better focus point control, and also lighter against the Canon with better image quality. Damn always the companies make sure to leave out some features. So, canon or Nikon?

And there comes the IT fair, alas my body parts are saved. So off we went to the fair. Well thnx to sony site which informed me of the IT fair for sony DSLR . After a long walk around finding everything from chocolates to soaps, alas here comes the electronics department. A quick check says 60D is cheaper than D7000. So Canon, u get a new customer today  .

Proud owner of 60D and ofcourse loads of goodies to go along with the purchase.



The first impression once i got the DSLR, man!! tats heavy…  way heavy than my A380. Still it feels solid to work with. All that aluminium body has been put to good weight and is robust. Both my A380 and 60D came with a movable LCD screen. But 60D has the option to flip it over and close the LCD. This provides a better protection when it comes to rough use of the camera.

Somehow, i like the button layout of the Sony compared to the Canon. Sony layout seems more natural to the hand movement than the Canon. Canon feels a bit awkward when it comes to changing aperture, shutter and also exposure. Also the menu control lacks feedback, no sound, no physical feedback. Seems like the only way to know that the button is pressed is to look for the response on the screen or the viewfinder. Also the controls are too cramped into a very small space, very easy to press the wrong key.

But on a positive note, the performance is really good. So is the setting on the cam very detailed.



One nice feature in Canon is that they do support Mac users. Neither sony phones nor cams provide support for Mac users. So now its time to test out the Canon and have fun.

Into the World of DSLRs

3 03 2010

Its been a very long time since i made a plan to get my hands on a DSLR. I was so lazy to go buy one , that plan kept dragging on. After many months of DSLRs walking my dream , it was the day. Decided to burn my pocket and make myself poor with a DSLR on my side. So called up a friend dragged him in to watch me become pauper, and off we went to shopping.

The main criteria i had for the cam were budget of-course, then the live view feature as i wanted the cam to be easy to use for dad also. With this basic criteria went to check out canon and nikon. Even thought they had really good professional DSLR, the range was very limited when it comes to semi pro DSLR. Also the price of those cam with live view were so high that i might have to sell few of my body parts to buy that. I knew sony had some few camera on the budget category and semipro which also included live-view feature. So off we went to the Sony showroom. I was keen to check out the A330 bronze edition. The color  was really good to check out, sadly there was no stock of the bronze edition nor any of the A330 model. Since A2xx series are without live-view . I now had to choose between two models that they had in stock and was near the limit of my budget, A380 and A500. Since A500 was asking for a little of my body parts to be sold. Decided on the A380L with the standard kit lens. With hands heavy , pocket light , guilty of burning money , happy no body part was lost  in becoming a owner of a A380L.

Sony had made enough changes to a380 to make sure this one lies in between A330 and A500. A330 comes with a plastic handgrip which is a bit uncomfortable for long use. A500 on the other hand has leather grid which is much more comfortable. A380 comes with a rubber grip which is better than A330. The interface is supposed to be easy to use for the beginners , seem like i am yet to reach the beginner level. The basic interface is easy enough to get through. But when it comes to making few manual setting, its chaos. Sony has happily scattered buttons all over the back and top of the camera. Its kinda like a jigsaw puzzle to play with . Good way to kill time if you are bored. Make yourself a objective and try to set it in the camera within the time-limit of taking a picture with tat camera, its fun :D.

When it comes to basic point and shoot , the camera is easy to use with a predefined set for basic photoshooting which includes, landscape , potrait , macro , sports, nightshoot and the magic word of all “auto”. This would workout for most of the basic photoshooting. After having a short time messing around with the camera figured out few more controls , and decided to take it on a test run the next day. Destination BirdPark.

Now it was time to test the camera , my memory on the control , my creativity, battery life. I had planned to use live-view for the entire day to check how good the battery would come. Was actually suprised to there was still enough juice left in battery for another 300 shots. I had taken around 300 shots that day.  The first thing that i missed on the camera was the zoom. Yea took time to realize i was not on cheap camera, but a DSLR tat burnt my pocket day before and still dosen’t know zoom. I had figured out it had a zoom while messing with it day before, but totally forgot which button it was. After lots of trial and error decided to give up and roam the park. Of the 3 test 1 test has failed already , my memory failed to remember the controls. Then it came to night photography with no flash. The area of owl are so dark that we barely see them with naked eyes, and flash photography was prohibited. So tried the night photography with no flash. The camera took a little more than normal time to focus and take pic, also the success rate was only 50%. most of time it couldn’t focus in such low lights. Not a bad performance comparing to my point and shoot camera which totally failed to capture any image here. Then tried macro and few landscape photography. Not bad taking into consideration it was me who is taking those photos . Needs to get used to controls soon to get the most of the camera. Still its a buy that not gonna be regretted.