Try on TimeLapse

30 03 2011

With the new canon haveing the option for remote operation by hooking to a computer, it was time to test some remote snaping. Tried out timelapse  video, accidently put the camera on autofocus instead of manula focus. This give a wobbly images as the camera focus for each shot .

Light Show at Marina Bay Singapore

21 02 2011

On a usual weekend roaming we came across the newly installed light show at the Marina Bay Singapore. Sadly we could only catch the last few minutes of the show. But it was something similar to show which is already installed in Sentosa “Songs of the Sea” Just that this is a little more elaborate than the latter.

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4 People who are too good at what they do :)

8 01 2011

Came across these videos in YouTube. The job they do are the regular everyday job, still the precision with which they execute is just mind blowing!

The Thai Tea Master..

Card Packing at its best

Flying Bread(aka) Parata making