Second Try on Augmented Reality

8 03 2011

The previous code i had used was too unstable, it crashes more often than it runs. So searched for a better version of toolkit code and started a code from the scratch rather than using the simplar code. This time the code was much more stable and was able to display more files than the previous version.

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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The Marker is available here

Update: Fixed problem which prevented the model from displaying in web server. Now a torus should be visible once the marker is shown.

A try with Augmented Reality

6 03 2011

Augmented Reality had always been a field of interest. The ability to combine various technologies and to get a outcome which is more intuitive has what that attracts me to the field. Alast after long weeks of thinking of working, and not working coz of laziness :), Decided to give a try.  The easiest method was to use the flartook kit.

It already had its framework to communicate with the camera and get data. Which left only the modeling and the marker part to implement. This reduced loads of work. Very good for lazy ppl like me :).  First work was to get an idea of the code and its working. after few experiments and few crashes it was time to implement some code, but wanted some good 3D models. Being too lazy to start and draw a model, had the lazy man’s best friend at my side “The Google” :D. googled for few models and atlast came up with the same model which we used for our animation project.

Now that reminded me, i already should be having the source files of the Animation projects. A quick search revealed i have misplaced tat too 😀 . So thanks to Dinesh who actually had the copy the source files and was not lazy. So got the code up and running and here is what i ended up with.

The maker is available here

Rather than printing the marker and then showing in front of the camera, Upload the marker to your smartphone or ipods and then just flash the smartphone in front of camera. Saves the time of printing :).