Hands On Arc…

24 04 2011

After a loong time on the Galaxy S. It was time for another upgrade. Sony coming up with a entire line up of android phones, it was worth a wait. So Andriod Arc it was. The phone is sleek and gorgeous. With an amazing display and the Bravia engine powering it up for even better display the phone is worth it.

The phone is much faster than its predecessor the Xperia X10. Sony has made sure the timescape doesn’t hog much of the memory as before. Also the 8Mp camera gives good pic quality along with the bravia engine. The pics are vivid and crispy. Although with all these feature the Arc juice drains pretty fast. The battery last no more than a day on a average use. Need to disable most of it features it you need to make the battery last for more than a day. Totally defies the point of having all those features in the first place. Hope Sony comes up with some fix for this.

A try on Mobile Game Programming

5 04 2010

The assignments get interesting day by day. And this time it was out of the animation and into mobile game development.  This was part of the course project for Mobile game development course. It was a last minute decision to get into the course and i shall be happy i did.

As the other assignment had it , this also came up as a team project and teamed up with some geeks to make my work easy 😉 . This time it was actually a team of four. Myself , Viv , Ship and Keer  Programming in JME was way more complex than i had first imagined. Expected the JME programming to be exact copy of normal hava programming with jus specifying the screen size to make it work on mobile . Sadly when I was introduced to JME in the first class it reminded me more of the assembly level programming that we did in my bachelors than the java programming.  Still no thrill in trying to work on something we already know 🙂 . With a totally crazy team to work with this was a fun assignment.

The problem is always the start. With no idea on where to start the example codes came to the rescue. Next was the plan on what our game is gonna be. Starting from blood and gore to baloons flying around. It was atlast decided to be a maze game , as we had more samples to refer on those. The coding was kinda tuff . As every part of the coding has more error than the number of lines coded 😀 .

After hours of brainstorming , and loads of creative debugging from team. It was done. The Buzz Home started to take shape. After adding some extra stuff to make it look good. As music ,  other stuff. It was time to test the game.  Then came the next big challenge. The game fails to run on the mobile, which is what its actually intended to work on. Man what a disaster! Again the team came to rescue and it was few clever dynamic initializations that made it working.

Ah well now for the formalities. I would like to thank my team for helping me out soo much with the project and also having the patience for my nagging :D. thnx all


And the game can be downloaded here

Game Details:

Resolution : 320 x 240

Controls : joystick

Levels: 6 (Working on more)

Game works on most mobiles which supports jar, Part of the splash screen usually gets cropped in mobile with smaler screen.

Tested on w995, n73 , c501, n79.

Comments welcome…..  🙂

W960i A Bug Box

7 10 2008

After a post praising my phone for its sleek look. Now its time to find the true nature of its working.  I am always obessed with latest gadgets in the market. When this phone had been put up in the site ,  starting thiking of plans to kill ma K750 :P.

Main reason i opted for this phone was its sony, as sony always had better battery life and better stability. next is the 8GB memory , would save me a mp3 player(atleast tat how i convince ma dad). Next would be the other bunch of features starting from 3G , wifi , touchscreen etc..

Enjoyed this phone for first few weeks. when the problem started to crop up. Phone seem realy unstable and few application crashed , also phone was very slow when multiple applications were running in the background. This usually happens for me in the new phone. and ignored it expecting these to get solved on a firmware upgrade.

Then finished with a firmware upgrade , the phone was faster than before. not much lag even when multiple applications here opened, also this firmware boasts of new 3D game. which seem to be a compromise for all the bugs in the OS. Expected the bugs to disappear, but this upgrade jus included new game. other bugs remained the same. many applications crashes. Even the resident application Storage Wizard crashes every time . A baisc test of the phone would have shown this bug, not sure why this bugs have not been fixed till now.

Then the Second firmware upgrade, Expected a phone tat much more freindly to use , the Storage Wizard problem still continue to the second firmware upgrade. seem tats a part of phone customisation. Now the touch screen is all messed up, touch a icon to activate its neighbouring icon and there is no way u could do those operation by keys. Only can dream on wat the next firmware upgrade is gonna have.

This phone is a not worth  its cost  on its  features and bugs.