Unity3D does stand upto its name.

8 01 2011

After the a happy life of doing the Masters. Its the time to for the job hunting. With many interview comes the exposure to many different kinds of interview, and also comes exposure to the kind of projects the companies work on. With singapore motivating for people to become entrepreneur , There are loads of start up companies which tons of creative ideas to implement. Getting to know such companies and the ideas they are planning to commercialize.

During my hunting we had couple of opportunity to attend such companies. One such company is the 3rdplanet .Of-course there would be nothing in the home page yet, other than a coming soon page. The ideas the companies working on are very interesting. This provided us with the opportunity to learn about a totally cool game engine Unity3D.

The main feature that was impressive about the product was that it can run on literally any platform, may it be Mac, PC, Andriod , iOS devices , Xbox , PS3, Wii, any browser. Now you can see that it can run on almost of the popular device that is out there in the market. Another feature of interest is the development enviroment. Unlike other products which support development for multiple environment, the environment need not be pre-configured before starting the projects. Instead create a project and develop it as it would be done normally. Once all the development is finished jus need to specify the device when building the final product. This provides with a very consistent development environment, and also provides with a consistent project over all the platforms.

This is the first product we have seen that does not restrict the user to do the coding on the proprietary language. Instead Unity supports Javascript , C# and also Boo Scripts. I have no idea how they managed 3 totally different languages to interact with each other seamlessly.  With multiple device support , multiple language support for coding, multiple platform support for project development, Man! this is one serious product to watch out for.

We had a run of the product on our Mac, to complete one of the assignment provided to us. It runs smooth on the macbook pro. No problems at all.

As seen from the above screenshot, the interface is pretty simple. With all the advanced features neatly arranged into the menus and drop-down boxes. Those who are familiar with the 3D tools already available in the market should find this in the same territory . The coding part of the Unity3D seem a little weird to common method of programming. When it comes to animating a object, the code does not take the object , the kind of transformation to make as parameters. Instead the code is made generic, as in the code can be written and then attached to any required object to execute for the particular object. This makes the animation work for with animations with better options than transformations like using curves, linear curves etc to to define the animations. Also combined with the language to code on. Its pretty hard to get the head around it, if someone is not familiar with the language and also the structure. It would have been much better if there were more sample codes provided for the functions.


This is a third party plugin for Unity3D which takes care of all the basic animations with no need to program. This is pretty easy to use and also have loads of options for pretty much any animations that is required.



We tried to work on the Unity3D using some 20 texture files of around 4000×4000 pixel resolution each. Even that was crashing Unity3D on the mac computer. Even when the computer was running on its max performance more. Not sure if Unity3D requires even higher end configurations to work.

On the whole this one product which takes the idea of unification of multiple platforms into a single development API.