Photo walk at Chinese garden

12 12 2011

After Srinath had purchased his DSLR, it was time for another photo walk. This time it was at Chinese garden.






At a kids world

12 12 2011

Been a very long time since my last post. Would love to say been too busy, rather it’s been too lazy. A bit of work and a loads of laziness ends up here.

After months of laziness we at last managed to drag our asses to Singapore science center.was expecting something cool based on the website.

Once reach there we are a bit overages to be roaming there. But still it’s a good place to explore.






The cup half empty or cup half full

3 11 2009

Well. Its a long time since i posted . And so  nears the end of my first semester and yet to figure out what i am to do for exams. With days flying by the first question in our minds is on  how to study. Well atleast ive found a answer for how not to study ? that would be an easy question to answer if you were to follows some chinese here. They practically sleep less than 5 hrs per week when they are busy working. Damn im not able to spend a continuos 5 hr period working. Found  the best solution for competing with them. Black coffee keeps you up and running for hours :D.  As the days passes by you get mountain loads of assignments to work on. So was ours. Literally had 5 or 6 assignments anytime to be finished.

Although most of the assignments were just individual head breakers. There where few which are team projects which provided with much fun and interaction. One of such is the Games design. Teams were created each with upto 8 members, My team was also created with 6 members, and came to know 4 of the six members have already joined some other group leaving 2 of us in that team . After some shuffling around was into the team PlusOrange. Which is the direct english translation of out Team Lead(Jia), Who gets a special mention here as i has seen him only on  the first day of the meet and after which he literally disappeared . No word of him yt, Hope he is fine. So after providign us with a good team name , the team with no lead starts to enjoy. Game stories got tossed around , Game design was having the same fate as game story. After finding out that out ambitous game story would not work out on time, We executed the plan B. Design the game and then make a story  on it :D.After many sleepless night and brainstorming days, which ended with most of us loaded with more caffeine than food,  it did work out pretty well and came out with some working game before the deadline. Made our game so simple that our professor had noting to comment on our game except for the game sounds :D, and still managed to get a A on it. A good consolation for the caffeine addicted system.Sadly im yet to play our game :|.  And yes the game sounds do feel familiar :P.

Even before one could celebrate on this success comes the next assignments deadline. After hearing motivational words like  “Do whatever u like and submit”  from the professor, was in no mood to rush on that project. Once we came to know the professor expectation which was sky high to what we were planning to do, came the next schedule to load ourself with caffeine and accompany the owls ;). This being a topic less assignment , every member of the team comes up with a new and better idea each day of the week. Thus making it interesting to choose a good topic every day. and not doing any real assignment work any day :D. So once it was realised that this topic choosing is not gonna help any more. A topic has been finalized atlast. Hope we get make a better presentation than the games design stuff.

The Team PlusOrange @ wrk

Another week of sight seeing

10 08 2009

After the first week getting used to the singaporean food , it was time to explore singapore when there was time. There was a long schedule ahead. Starting from attending college stuff like registration and form submission etc to chking our local sight seeing places. After the college procedures were completed came the college orientation , the usual lecture stuff and also gave a news that there were no rewriting of exams once failed . if failed then its bye bye to MS.

This was a bad news to our plan of sight seeing during semester. So decided to do it even before the classes start. First in the list was two choices , Jurong bird park and the Singapore Zoo.  Place was to be finalized based on when we get ready the next day. As usual got up late lead to reaching the busstop very late, so it was bird park which was luck to get out donation . Surprisingly there’s a separate bus form boonlay just to this bird park alone, no other stop in between. Singapore is serious about growing its tourism.

So off we went to the bird park expecting to see empty trees with just boards hanging with the name and a photo of the bird supposed to there. After donating an entry fee of 25$ we were let in with a map and some complementary coupons.  First stop was the panorail, In and off we went. Got a good view of the various birds that were housed and the route to be taken to watch the birds. 2 things in the park impressed me. One was the fact park has taken many steps to recreate the birds natural home as much as possible rather than put it in cage for display, yea they were in a cage still they had plenty of room to move about. Second is the the interaction that was possible with the birds. Its not like birds are inside the cage and u watch if from outside. Visitors are allowed to go inside the cages and watch the birds . Even feeding stations were there for visitors could enjoy feeding the birds. The penguins were housed in super chilled and iced room to suit them. Even the owls were kepts in darkroom with just enought lighting to find them in the trees.

This was next followed by the bird show. Lots of well trained birds starting from cranes to parrots all made their appearance and showcased their talents. Hats off to the trainer who had the patience to work this out with birds. One good method to keep the visitors coming and also add to the fund of park .

As they day passed as a second we came to realise it was the closing time . Missed lots of shows that day balme it on our sleep. So the day came to the end with a faces of birds happily living in closed quaters.

In a couple of days the Singapore National day arrived. As usual we woke up sooo late tat decided to stay back and waste time on the computer as usual. At the last moment came to know Singapore national day parade happens in the evening and not in the morning as in India .The Parade happened at Marina bay. So Off we started. None of us had a ticket to watch the parade . Plan was to watch the airshow and also the fireworks and return back home. As we reached there i saw was i have only read in novels as “Ocean of people”  its heads everywhere i can see, waiting to take a glimpse of the action. With no idea as to where the parade is to happen with moved along with the crowd to a river half hidden by a bridge. Sadly it was on the opposite side the action was happening and we had no access to the other side. So we have made the maximum of what we could see out of any available space. The action started with a chase of partol boats on jetski followed by a chinook helocipter dropping a navy attack team with boat in the river . Next all we could hear were series of booms. with no smoke or fireworks. Then came the chopper carrying the national flag escorted by 3 attack choppers, reminded me of the indian day parade i used to watch on TV, only this was much closer . Last was a display of 3 fighter jets with sound booming to the hearts. The military display concluded with that and the dances and musik began. It was in some stadium nearby . We settled for the live telecast on the big screen nearby. As time went by the parade started marching from the stadium to the parliment . With army , Navy , Airforce and another team which by the uniform i could only guess as the fireresponse. First thing that i noticed was that most of them were kids. Singapore seem to start the army training from a very small age.

And so ends the second week in singapore and the real reason i came to Singapore for starts . Classes starts tomorrow and i am still searching for the lecture hall. Time to become book worm.. 😀

Out of India and into Singapore

5 08 2009

Events started falling into place so quick. Too many things and too little time, but as things went its all over at last. Got to know i have been shortlisted for admission on may , Confirmed of admission on june. This set the things in motion. Now came the time of picking up the right college, as i had 3 offers in my hand . 2 offers for MBA in india , one from a brand new institution Indian Business School other form SRM . Though the first was easy to neglect. Choosing between second and third was noose around the neck. Parents pulling me back to india and me trying for sgpore. So atlast it was Singapore the winner

Clock started ticking. Ppl around me more nervous then i am. Trying to figure out where to go for med check , find out the money ,how much to carry , fee , apply loan etc. And so arrived the D day, time to leave for singapore. Flight agent booked ticket on air india express. Expected express to be better than air india, i was in for a surprise. It was actually worser than the air buses that run our city . After 4 hrs stuffed into the cramped into the metal sausage breathed the foreign air .

First thing noticed as orderliness . Whole of singapore has been built to help anyone to travel easily, linked with a wide network of buses and trains , with detailed travels routes in every station.Everything here followed a rule. Its like follow the rule or pay the price. A good way to keep ppl from many countries organized and happy. Took a taxi and found out benz and used as taxi here 😐  . Drivers having more LCD screen to watch than the ppl from matrix movz. Theres a smile on every employee you can come across, Make me think they are paid for the fake smile too. Everything here is interlinked. One need not carry money at all. He can manage with the cards alone. starting with the ezlink for transport to cash card and nets for purchase.

At last , The NTU which has been a electronic university till now come to view. Collecting the keys to our room and in we go . Notin much of a difference when it comes to room . As the day started came to realise that we landed on a sunday. No shops meaning no food to eat. After lots of searching and help from a schoolmate who is here for quite some time found a lone 24hr shoppe. Taking out some bread and juices off the shelves made sure had enough to take through the day.

While exploring the college site found out it has more than 14 canteens . Was eager to check out each and every one it . So as the next day started the search began and sadly found most of them to be chinese with dishes having names that i have yet to pronounce correctly. After a search found a couple of indian restaurants , happily helped my mouth forget the taste of dry bread.  Comparing to india everything here seems cheap . Until we do the math of conversion from dollars to indian rupee. Thats the point heart weeps. Trying to spend 100rs on a plate of paratha , 40 rs on a can of coke . Feel like settling for bread and butter itself.

After few days of heart weeping found out the rythm . Wake up late morning and have a brunch with bread butter and milk. Then leave for roaming singapore . Come back check into the indian restaurant and finish the dinner. As days pass its time to check out others stalls in the campus. McD and Subway were next. not bad for a 5$ meal .Decided not to convert dollars to rupees anymore. Spend dollars as dollars and ruppes as rupees :).  best policy to follow