Tablet War

16 07 2011

Ipad, Xoom, Flyer, Transformer.. Man! Competition on mobiles have now shifted towards tablets now. Tablets are not something which came to market lately, they have been in market for very long. But no one seemed to care much for them in those day, now its such a craze for these, that people are actually selling body parts to lay their hands on one. Come on guys is it really worth your body parts??

Only reason which i could come up with for this madness is the second generation of tablets. Previous generation were bulky, runs desktop OS which are not optimised for tablet use, poor performance, and low battery. All these have now been fixed, tablets comes out with OS which are designed just for touch, loads of apps just for tablets, good battery life and compactness.

After all the tablet talk, i was finding them a useful tool for my projects. Since had to keep track of data, make notes, design models etc, and tablets seem to make the perfect tool for it. With so much tablets on the market it was time to pick the right choice. After a quick research came down to 3 tablets

HTC Flyer


  •  It is excellent as a tool for note taking with its stylus.
  • Compact 7 inch size.
  • Runs Andriod.


  • Extra bucks for the stylus, damn! come on guys you advertise along with it and ask ppl to shell more money for it.
  • Note taking app does has no handwriting recognition.
  • Runs Gingerbread. Even my phone runs tat, makes me realise its again a blown up version of my phone.

Motorola Xoom


  • Excellent set of ports
  • Expandable memory
  • Large Display
  • Runs Honeycomb
  • Good Batterylife
  • Dual core power


  • A bit too heavy for portable use.
  • Runs Honeycomb- i would say that in cons too, since being a tablet OS open to app manufactures, Google actually have no control over the screen size. It runs on tablets from 7 inch size to 10+ inchers, and now sony comes out with a split screen s1. Making it really hard for developers to make an app which would run good on all screen.
  • Not sure why, but it costs more than ipad when it comes to contract.

Ipad 2


  • Dual core power
  • Excellent screen
  • Light weight compared to its competitor
  • Tons on apps
  • Excellent speed


  • As usual a closed source OS with Apple having the final say on everything
  • Very bad Camera. 0.7 MP cam, a good strategy to make ppl go for next version of Ipad. Still atleast could have made that a 1MP.
  • No ports, no memory expansion. Dont ask why, you get answer as Apple trademark


So atlast decided with Ipad 2. Even though it has a very bad camera, i doubt i would be using a camera from a 9inch tablet to take pics around. Also already have a phone with really good camera for tat purpose. So iPad it is!!!