At a kids world

12 12 2011

Been a very long time since my last post. Would love to say been too busy, rather it’s been too lazy. A bit of work and a loads of laziness ends up here.

After months of laziness we at last managed to drag our asses to Singapore science center.was expecting something cool based on the website.

Once reach there we are a bit overages to be roaming there. But still it’s a good place to explore.






Bk after a long break

5 07 2010

Well its been a very long time since the last post. Been more than a month since the last visit to my blog. The project work needed more attention so as to be able to finish it within the given time. Since its under review now, got a little break now to post . The last couple of month had been the time trying to make the project work and make the project presentable. Other than that, it was the time for more testing on my DSLR for few more experiments.

Decided to go on a photowalk into our NTU campus to have some memories printed and saved to proved we did study in NTU after all :D.  The plan was to have  a good walk all over NTU and chk out on the pics and have some proof also taken in the same time. Even though we picked afternoon time for the photography, the rainclouds provided with good lighting and atmosphere for the photography. The pics had come out better than expected.

Cooliris Photo Wall

15 02 2010

CoolIris comes with pretty cool feature. WordPress site supports very few third party plugins. Just figured out cooliris also is part of it. Tried cooliris with few wallpapers from my picasa account. Was skeptical it would work, and it does work really good. It also support for importing pics from many site and embedding in many site. Pretty cool growth from piclens.

Evolution in a gif

17 01 2010

Life Animation

A cool animation on the evolution.

I found it while stumbling here

Best Online Photo personalised gift site

3 05 2009

Past few days , was searching for some good online site to print all my photos at less least cost.  Only few sites are available in india for this.



This site follows web2.0 standards . Has a neat and clean layout.

  • Has Support for Picasa and Flickr
  • Lowest print at 2.95 for a 6 x 4
  • Photo can also be uploaded directly via web
  • Payment Via Debit card
  • Print available on Glossy Matte and metallic papers
  • Gift option available
  • No Credit for first time sign on 😦
  • Requires to enter Debit card details including CCV and address before contuning

Some Stuff provided by them are

  • photomug
  • calendar
  • greeting card
  • tshirt
  • collage
  • zoomini book(5 sizes)
  • photo print(8 sizes)
  • canavas prints (7 sizes)



I prefer picsquare coz of many options for gifts to choose from

  • Support for Picasa and Flickr
  • Free credit on first registration
  • Gift option available
  • Photos can also be uploaded even via web
  • Payment can be done via net banking or via ur tataindicom account(if u are a tata customer)
  • Couriers are delivered via DTDC or Overnite express
  • Very fast processing of 2 r 3 days usually
  • Photo paper quality too bad



This site is too costly , too cumbersome to use

  • Has no support for flickr or picasa
  • Provides Credit points for first time registration
  • Uploading photos from computer requires a standalone app to be downloaded

uTorrent Speed charts

26 03 2009

After the famous rule by indian ISP of FUP , i restricted downloads and other bandwidth heavy applications. while my utorrent still used to run idle all day . Even under the idle condition they keep sending out datapackets at periodic intervals  producing nice charts.


26 10 2008